Automotive exteriors

Specially tailored sealing and damping technology


Elastic insulations for car bodys

The exterior of cars calls for extra-refined sealing and damping technology. Through constant opening and closing, car body components such as doors, trunk compartments and engine hoods are highly stressed. We develop specifically tailored insulations for engine hoods, doors, exterior mirrors, engine encapsulations, cable coatings and sun roofs.

With self-adhesive punched parts and moulded parts made of durable materials, ISOWA plays an important part in the construction of a robust car body and the best possible athmosphere in the passenger compartment.

Minimisation of smell and moisture

We use our large pool of experience and our wide range of materials and manufacturing technologies to find the optimal solution against the intrusion of sounds, smells and moisture as well as for heat and cold insulation. We combine various materials and evaluate the different manufacturing possibilities before making an educated product recommendation. Among other things, ISOWA works with semi-closed cell slft foams and highly durable materials. We make no compromise when we search for the better solution – until the product suits your requirements in every possible way.

It comes down to the right seal

  • We offer high-quality foamed plastics which meet the OEM requirements.
  • We have specialised adhesive solutions for non-adhesive subsurfaces which have elated many of our customers already.
  • Even large sizes outside of standard measurements are possible with ISOWA

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Long-lasting, soundproof special solutions for heavily stressed car body components such as engine hoods or trunk compartments

Boost noise protection for passengers through acoustic decoupling and sound insulation with foamed plastics

Lock out driving sounds that are produced by car components with specific grades of foamed plastics

Custom-fit solutions by means of self-adhesive punched parts and moulded parts for doors and handles, exterior mirrors and windshields

Elastic, self-adhesive insulations for car body components for approved foamed plastics materials

Splash water protection for sealing mounting parts and car body parts

ISOWA solutions for quiet and vibration-free driving

The exterior of a car is under constant stress and calls for refined sealing and damping technology. Our tailor-made products help in the construction of a long-lived car body and will enhance the driving experience. Furthermore, we use permanently elastic foamed plastics for highly stressed components such as doors, trunk compartment and engine hood to protect against wearing.

Seal for roof railing and cover plates

Criss-crossed spool product

Cellular rubber according to OEM guidelines

Seal against dust and moisture

Lamp Housing Seal


Cellular rubber or self-adhesive EPDM soft foam

Seal against moisture and vibration

We use our large pool of experience and our broad spectrum of materials and production techniques to find the optimal solution against sounds, smells and moisture as well as for heat and cold insulation.

Cellular rubber or polyethylene, PUR elastomeres, silicone or aramid fibre, fleece or various material combinations: No challenge is too unusual for us. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you are not able to find the product you're looking for.

Sound-dampening fleece

Edge-embossed parts

Acoustic fleece

Reduction of undesired noise

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