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Interior insulation as a sign of quality

Our customers appreciate not only our clever product solutions, but also our creative ideas regarding the functionality during installation. We take care of the optimal mountability. Working together with our engineers, we develop a carefully planned-out, individual concept with the goal to simplify our clients' production process. We will, for example, equip our foamed plastics components with a partially adhesive coating, so that these parts can be installed in a simple, yet precise way.

This coating can also incorporate your logo, or can be produced with a special kind of adhesive, so that it can adhere to even an oily base coat. The punched or moulded parts made of cellular rubber, polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR) are delivered custom-fitted and ready for installation and can therefore be processed without any extra steps.

Tailor-made insulations – mounted effortlessly

  • Good insulation of the passenger compartment is an important indicator of quality. Tailor-made solutions by ISOWA will systematically lock out environmental sounds and engine sounds, as well as permanently stop vibrations in interior parts.

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  • We will also take care of the optimal functionality during installation: Our products will be delivered on spools, guaranteeing an uncomplicated installation. This is not only environmentally sound, but will also speed up your production processes.

Noise absorbing elements and insulations for mounting parts in between passenger compartment and engine.

Seals and dampeners for dashboards and operating elements to avoid rattling and squeaking noises

Seals and isolations made of low-emission polyurethane foam for single components for ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Paddings and housing insulations for airborne and structure-borne sound insulation for all mounting parts in and around doors

Paddings and casings for armrests and consoles

  • Our products for door panels not only insulate, but also support the aspired acoustic design.

Meet optic, acoustic and haptic requirements

The quality of a car is nowadays greatly influenced by the imperviousness,  quietness and comfort level of the interior. Therefore, next to reliable insulation and sealing, interior design is also about look, feel, and sound inside the passenger compartment.

With our tailor-made solutions, even high standards can be met without a problem. Environmental sounds and engine sounds are locked out and vibration is minimised, while comfortable paddings revaluate the overall impression.

Vibration protection

Cellular rubber, extra soft, or polyethylene, self-adhesive on one side

Protection against rattling and draft

Function of the transparent carrier film:
Secure transport for automated processing

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