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Improving sound decoupling

Building & Construction

Sound decoupling with technical foamed plastics

The building trade is always looking for new, optimised solutions for sealing, damping and insulating. Our system solutions are used everywhere where there is a need for grooves to be filled, two elements to be decoupled, where metal meets other materials or where temperature has to be insulated. For all these cases, our specially tailored products offer the better solution.


Noise insulation, vibration isolation and thermal separation

ISOWA insulating and damping products come into action in various areas. We develop solutions for construction above and below ground. Nail sealing tape in roofs, thermal decoupling of facades and individual joint profiles for window construction – ISOWA will be at your side with competent and specialised knowledge. Insulation, damping and seals made from technical foamed plastics are equally important when it comes to interior fittings and building services. Tailored ISOWA joint profiles will also achieve optimal results in road-, bridge-, and concrete construction as well as in the sealing of gas stations and the like.