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Terracell insulation: compensating for temperature expansion

Due to expansion caused by high operational temperatures, displacement can occur in underground pipe systems, which has to be compensated by expansion pads. Terracell expansion pads were specially developed for district heat pipes and have been used successfully for over 20 years. You can get the right Terracell system for any application from ISOWA. Just contact us and together we’ll find the optimal insulation system for your pipe range.

Fulfilling safety regulations in fuel station construction with foamed plastics

Our joint sealants can be found in petrol stations, at airports, in road surfaces and in sewage systems. In these fields, it is important to develop precisely fitting, ideally suited seals to achieve the desired result – and maintain it in the long-term, while also fulfilling all safety requirements. Special solutions from ISOWA for the underground work in petrol station construction have been tried and tested for years and are constantly being optimised. A particular challenge here are safety regulations: our products for petrol station construction are in full compliance with all fire prevention regulations.

Expansion pads for buried district heating pipelines

Joint seals for petrol stations

Saving time with joint seals

Efficient business means optimum use of resources. Achieving material efficiency by using long-lasting materials reduces maintenance work. Optimally designed, precisely fitting seals made of high-grade sealant materials save time and money.

In petrol station construction, for instance, you can expect enormous time-savings in underground jointing work thanks to our special solutions.

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