Building technology –

Insulating pipes and valves


Universal acoustic claddings for optimised valve insulation

  • ISOWA develops extremely long-lasting, highly efficient solutions for the insulation of valves and pipings. Usually the biggest heat loss occurs right at the valve – our product vela[clip] provides remedy.
  • These specially developed valve insulations made from cross-linked polyethylene reduce the loss of energy at the valve to a minimun, so that immense savings can be realised.

vela[clip] Valve Insulation

Thermoplastic moudling

Polyethylene with scratch-resistant surface

Thermal insulation according to Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)

vela[clip] can be closed impermeably and has a robust, scratch-resistant surface. The best thing about them: They are universal. This means that there is no valve which vela[clip] will not be able to insulate perfectly. Going for quality is worth it – Thanks to the long lifespan and high efficience of ISOWA products for building technology, the investment pays off after only a few years!


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