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Improving insulation for industrial processing


Foamed plastic solutions for economically efficient processing

Industry is constantly on the lookout for better, innovative solutions. To enable you to meet these ever changing demands and remain competitive, we support you with holistic solutions, innovative material combinations, certified quality management and optimised transport and logistics. So what’s our secret? Many years of experience and independent thinking. Our ISOWA products are used in a great variety of application fields, ranging from the white goods industry to lighting, the metal and plastics processing industry, climate control and ventilation, right up to sports and leisure.

Technical foamed plastics for sound decoupling from ISOWA

In all sectors of industry, very specific solutions are needed. Whether it concerns insulation for the lighting industry or system components for electrical devices, we develop innovative solutions for each project that reliably fulfil their required function – which may be a protective function for people or products (preventing injury or transport damage) or as heat or cold insulation for electronics or climate control technology. We are particularly proud of our technical foamed plastic sound proofing solutions for housing construction, white goods manufacturing and climate control and ventilation. To enable our customers to save valuable time and staff resources, we also provide the optimal form of transport and delivery, by coordinating all details with the unique production process of each customer.