Energy efficiency
and sustainability

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Environment & Energy

ISOWA's sustainable environment and energy policy

We not only want to satisfy the needs of our customers, but also those of the environment. It goes without saying that we comply with all statutory obligations regarding environmental protection and constantly aim to improve them. ISOWA’s ISO 14001 (environment) certification shows that the focus lies squarely on continually improving processes until the specified environmental performance is achieved. 

To rule out environmental damage, our employees do not process any materials or substances with detrimental effects on water, air or any living things. The disposal of oil, paints or chemicals into the ground water is something we totally reject. Appropriate measures are taken to eliminate the dangers of working with hazardous substances. We guarantee that there is no risk whatsoever for people or nature resulting from our products, our production or process technologies. 

Our aim of finding a holistic solution for our customers means we can minimise the use of packaging and unnecessary transport materials. Self-adhesive foamed components on spools, for instance, are delivered in the appropriate assembly device and refilled when needed – this way we reduce costs for our customers and sustainably protect our environmental the same time.

Energy-saving production at ISOWA

Our environmental policy also includes using our energy resources more consciously. Use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency are constantly being monitored and optimized in our production and process engineering. Here, too, ISOWA is a certified company: ISO 50001 (energy) certifies our responsible use of energy resources, the development of unused energy potential, the reduction of energy costs and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions. And, of course, our energy efficient foamed plastic solutions, in thermal insulation, for instance, contribute to reducing energy wastage on a daily basis.