Fabrication and
Industry 4.0

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Innovative production engineering and versatile materials

Industry 4.0 at ISOWA

We support and work with “machines that think”. In Industry 4.0, our precisely fitting solutions are indispensible. We secure your product flow in two ways: seal systems and components have to be mounted precisely and accurately onto carrier materials and bonded. One the one hand, ISOWA sealing parts are free from punching residues, tested and measured – so there are no downtimes resulting from defective parts.

On the other hand, the packaging of our products is designed to secure the parts and ensure their rapid removal. All packaging is suitable for high-bay storage, printed with individual barcodes and adapted to your production cycle. Have you any questions on the further processing of our foamed plastic solutions by robots or feeder equipment? If so, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to advise you. 

ISOWA develops and produces what our customers want

For every product request we receive, we make an individual prototype. Our wide range of production processes and material options enable us to produce technical foamed plastic components for quite diverse applications and uses. The technology we use includes the latest water-jet cutting systems, plotters and milling machines, to fulfil customer wishes for specific shapes and forms.