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Secure, functional and tailor-made

Automotive & Transport

Isolating, sealing and damping securely

Our technical foamed plastics products for the automotive industry are currently not only being used in automobile and motorbike manufacturing, but also in caravan-, freight vehicle-, bus-, train- and aeroplane manufacturing. You want to use your product in the shipping industry? No problem – no matter what kind of vehicle it is about, we offer individual solutions to realise your visions.

Foamed plastics for interior and exterior

Working in close cooperation with our clients, we develop optimal ISOWA system solutions for the interior and exterior of automobiles. In the automotive- and transport industry, there are many areas of application for technical foamed plastics: Water, temperatures and sounds have to be either locked in or locked out. At the same time, we do the aesthetic requirements justice, which must never be forgotten in the automotive industry.