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Seals & sound insulation for the construction of housings

Housing construction

Sealing components for housings and control cabinets

For the construction of housings, we create bespoke sealing elements, to protect against moisture and other external weather influences, and sound insulation elements.  Our technical foamed plastic products our needed, for example, for hazardous waste containers, tool cabinets, silos and glass containers. Our system solutions prevent moisture penetrating remote control devices dirt penetrating the mechanics of bicycle shock absorbers, for instance. The use of technical foamed plastics in mobile phone casings prevents impact damage when dropped and provides the device with all-weather protection.

We can only mention a few specific examples here, as we constantly receive product inquiries for a great range of different applications. Our individually tailored production means there is no limit to the application possibilities of our products. ISOWA is exactly the right company to contact for solutions in tank construction, metal working and forming technology.

Design electrical appliances more efficiently and vibration-reducing with high quality foamed plastic solutions.

Dust seals and splash-proof seals for control cabinet construction with cable bushings and accessory equipment according to current fire protection standard UL 94.

Sound insulation, thermal isolation and filter for air conditioning and ventilation with certified foam plastic materials.

We are only listing examples here, since there are always new product requests for a wide scope of applications. Thanks to our individual production, there are no boundaries for the application of our products. ISOWA is the right partner for everything to do with container construction, sheet metal working and forming technology.

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