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Reliable energy efficient insulation

Building technology

Innovative sound and heat insulation and protection

Piping, valves, sanitary facilities or solar systems – many areas of building technology call for perfectly fitting solutions for thermal insulation and acoustic decoupling, be it for security reasons, revaluating the building or increasing the energy efficience. To make sure that we can always offer our clients the better solution, we were never satisfied with the next best solution. Our constant pursuit of progress has resulted in our own product innovations: vela[clip], iso[fit] and sonic[fit].

With these innovations, ISOWA has brought damping and insulating in building technology to a whole new level. The universal valve insulations from the vela[clip]-series reliably stop the loss of heat in valves. Using our premium-grade insulating tubes from the iso[fit]-series, water pipes receive an allround protection and will be insulated for the long run. The innovative sound insulation sets sonic[fit] make for a noiseless sanitary technology and will elevate the living quality in the building as well as the worth of the building.