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Seals and noise insulation in electrical engineering

Electrical engineering

Polyethylene, cellular rubber and polyurethane for control cabinet construction

Control cabinets need insulation that is safe, to protect people and equipment from electric shocks and overheating. In addition, reliable seals are needed to keep out moisture. Primarily, this is a question of properly equipping the housing. Our UL-compliant foamed plastics are suitable for the construction and climate control of the cabinet. Using high-grade polyethylene (PE), cellular rubber (ZK) and open cell polyurethane (PUR), we develop solutions which fulfil all safety aspects.
For electrical engineering field, we supply self-adhesive sealing strips, stop buffers, and insulation for cable routing apertures, all of which meet the stringent requirements of UL94 and UL50. Our experience enables us to develop innovative solutions for door seals, for instance, for insulation and to keep out moisture.

Advantages of
UL94- and UL50 Certification


  • Awarded by the US Underwriters Laboratories
  • UL94: Method for assessing and classifying the flammability of plastics
  • The same content was adopted in the standards IEC / DIN EN 60695-11-10
  • UL50: Standard for electrical equipment to be installed and used in non-hazardous areas

Reliable security solutions for man and machine

With solutions for electrical engineering made by ISOWA, your housings will be well appointed. Our foamed plastics can be used for the construction and ventilation of control cabinets in all dimensions. You are not completely sure about the dimensions or material of your foamed plastic elements? Working in cooperation with you, we will gladly find a fitting solution.

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Highly elastic cellular rubber
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Seal against water
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