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Effective solutions for white goods

White goods

Tailored solutions suitable for food products

We also supply food safe adhesives for refrigerators and tailored solutions for computers, communications technology and consumer electronics, as well as for optical devices and internal and external lighting.

In close cooperation with the customer, we develop the perfect foam part and coordinate the delivery form with your production process.

Effective solutions for white goods

  • Foamed plastics for white goods need to withstand industry-specific stress.
  • We offer you purpose-built foamed plastics that will quiet down your product noticeably.
  • Tailor-made, self-adhesive punched and moulded parts provide an effective thermal insulation and vibration isolation.

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Cable Routing

Contour cutting and stamping

Cellular polyethylene approved by the food industry

Preventing cold bridges and rattling

We support you in the construction of silent, vibration-free appliances.

The white goods industry has countless uses for technical foamed plastics. Every device needs reliable damping, insulating and sealing. We develop our foamed plastic elements so that they will – if necessary – take over several functions, for example thermal insulation and radiation protection in microwaves or vibration and sound isolation for the construction of blenders. With kitchen appliances, proper seals that prevent the leaking in or out of moisture have to be taken into account as well. Investing is worth it: End users will nowadays pay particular attention to noise level and energy consumption of their household appliances and use these factors to measure the quality of a product.

Thanks to innovative ISOWA solutions, your product can meet even high demands.

  • Many white goods, dishwashers for instance, need a reliable moisture isolation. Our tailor-made solutions withstand even high pressure.
  • Additionally, we produce insulating material for sound insulation, which reduces flushing and pumping sounds to a minimum.

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