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Project work with ISOWA

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The better solution in 8 steps – this is how it works

Project work with ISOWA for technical foamed plastics

At ISOWA, we can develop an individual product solution for you, geared precisely to your specific needs and wishes. The successful collaboration with ISOWA begins with the construction of a sample. So that our product can give the best possible support to your success, it’s important for us to know all the relevant facts, as well as your exact ideas.  Based on your requirements and our expertise, a detailed proposal for a solution is compiled as follows:

Step 1

Definition of your requirements

Step 3

Determination of the permanent load and the extreme load

Step 5

Optimisation regarding shape and volume

Step 7

Selection of the most suitable manufacturing process

Step 2

Establishment of required function(s)

Step 4

Selection of the appropriate material

Step 6

Determination of the design

Step 8

Proposal of the better solution