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It all comes down to the right seal

Structural Engineering

Sealing joints with cellular rubber or polyethylene

In construction work, thermal separation of materials, sound reduction and joint sealing are important features. We supply bespoke sound and thermal insulation and joint seals for pre-fabricated houses, garages and containers, amongst other things. For the construction of windows and doors, specially adapted insulation measures are essential, so we make sure we cover all individual demands of form and function.

Punching any format and the combination of different materials, such as cellular rubber or polyethylene, as well as semi-closed cell foams and self-adhesive seals, are standard at ISOWA. Our products promise the best possible insulation and optimal sealing of facades and brickwork – specially tailored to your needs. Our qualified technical staff will accept any challenge and any new task. Together, we will find the better solution for your project.

Usage of technical insulations in structural engineering

  • We develop individual sound- and thermic insulations for prefabricated houses, garages and containers.
  • ISOWA leaves nothing to be desired: Punching any format and combining various materials is a standard for us.
  • ISOWA tailored solutions are especially useful for window and door construction. ISOWA solutions will fulfill any individual request pertaining to form and function.

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Thermal separation between external facade and housing construction using special foamed plastics profiles

Acoustic decoupling of partition walls and staircases using vibration-reducing foamed plastics

Seals to avoid water damage in roof constructions and roof mounting parts

Individual solutions for a better insulation of windows and doors as well as for safe transport

Damping and insulating in supply technology and technical building equipment according to fire protection standards DIN 4102 and EN 13501

Thermal insulation starts on the roof

ISOWA is the specialist for roof insulation, with solutions that ensure reliable sealing and effective insulation of skylights, roof hatches and ventilation systems. We also supply nail sealing tape and other specialised accessories for securing roofing membranes. Our qualified service personnel will support you in the development of innovative insulation solutions.

Being a specialist in sealing roofs, we will ensure a secure noise-, moisture- and temperature insulation perfectly attuned to your needs. Insulating roof hatches and ventilation systems is another field of expertise for us.

Nail Sealing Tape


Cellular polyethylene

Seal against water ingress

Sophisticated solutions for drywall construction

  • Before suggesting the optimal product solution, we will advise you regarding the many combinations of materials, production techniques and formats. Furthermore, we will familiarise ourselves with the production processes of your projects, to develop the right assembly solution for you.
  • Even for unusual constructions, ISOWA will find solutions with excellent thermal insulation values and small dimensional tolerances. Our product solutions distinguish themselves through optimal thermal conductivity and high water vapour diffusion resistance.

Revaluation of older buildings and flats – made simple.

Old historic buildings and their doors and windows especially can be upvalued easily and cheaply using various kinds of sealing tapes. Draft and incoming noises, to name only two examples, are reliably stopped this way.

Self-adhesive sealing tapes

Adhesive lamination and cutting

Cellular rubber, polyethylene, polyurethane

Protection from dust and sound

Tailor-made damping for maximum living comfort

Technical foamed plastics elements play a central role in dry construction: They control whether it is hot or cold in the inside area, noisy or calm, moist or dry. There are custom-fitted ISOWA solutions that will help you shape these factors according to your requirements and thus increase the real and perceived value of the whole building.

Good acoustic decoupling and cibration insulation will raise the living comfort in, say, the stairwell, a reliable thermal insulation will save you a lot on the electricity bill.

Stairwells are places, where there is often a lot of movement. Movement which produces noise, which in turn – in combination with long reverberation times – can quickly grow into a nuisance. ISOWA products will lead to an excellent acoustic decoupling in stairwells, just as well as in any other area in structural engineering.

Elastic Stair Mounting System

Cutting and milling

Cellular rubber and

Reduction of sound transmission

Better insulation and safer transport for windows

Professional window construction with ISOWA insulation solutions

An essential feature of high-quality windows is excellent sound and thermal insulation. And here, the u-value is the measure of heat transfer through a structural element. To increase this u-value, we supply special insulation profiles to make your products even better, because “off-the-peg” insulating elements are often insufficient. We offer individually fitted insulation profiles that meet all demands. And we don’t only upgrade your windows, but the window sills too – with the improved insulation our products can guarantee.

Sealing element

Adhesive lamination and cutting

Cellular rubber, polyethylene, polyurethane

Sound insulation, protection from dust

Professional project planning and safe implementation

The ISOWA team works to develop an holistic concept: in close consultation, material, size, shape and deliver form are coordinated precisely with our customers and tailored to their projects. And remember: from us, you will also receive the right stacking pads and self-adhesive spacers in high-grade polyethylene (PE) for the safe transport and non-slip storage of your windows and doors. 

You need an unusual solution? We look forward to new challenges – contact our customer advisor directly.

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